Past, Present and Future quality and passion that enhance every day.

Tenuta del Castello

Where innovation embraces the most authentic tradition, for a result that aims at excellence.

The “Tenuta del Castellowinery is located in Montegiordano, a small town in the province of Cosenza. The proximity to the coast, the mild climate, the passion and the craftsmanship are fundamental ingredients that make each production unique and of great value.

Created for those who love the beautiful things in life, our fine wines are appreciated for their intensity, flavor and ability to age gracefully.

White, Red and RosèOur wines

The versatility of our wine offer is designed to satisfy every palate, to bring a unique experience of flavors and aromas typical of a very ancient tradition.

Calabrian wines

BIOLOGICAL OILExtra Virgin Olive Oil

A delicate fruitiness at the right ripeness, accompanied by herbaceous and almond scents, characterizes the aromatic path of the biological extra virgin olive oil of “Tenuta del Castello”.

THE WINERY, BETWEEN HISTORY AND FLAVORSThe unique atmosphere of an authentic wine

Our winery is located in the heart of the vineyards and a stone's throw from the Castle, surrounded by a spectacular scenery between lush hills and the blue of the Ionian Sea.


Tenuta del Castello